Alicia x Janne Hagge Ellhöft pt. 1

May I introduce you to one of my favourite photographers ever? I met Janne at a shoot in London, last year in June. She contacted me as she wanted a model to shoot a quite sporty editorial for her portfolio. At some point we both realised that we’re both from Germany so we had this little connection straight away. Janne and I met for the first time at my home in London (when I still lived in Brixton), had a typical German breakfast together (with Brötchen and everything) and discussed the shoot. Straight away it felt like we really understood each other, we had the exact same ideas for the garments (I love the fact that photographers/stylists often let me choose the clothes, as they know that I’ve studied fashion and have a good sense for picking matching outfits). And I loved Janne’s ideas for the location / hair & make up / poses etc.

On a lovely sunny (and especially hot day, we had almost 30 degrees, which is quite rare for London) Janne and I had our first shooting together. I must say that I am usually getting  along with photographers straight away and there is always a ‚connection‘ between me and the photographer, so working on a shoot is always quite ‚easy‘ for me. But this time it was different. We did not just got along very well while we were shooting, but it also seemed like this special connection was even stronger, which made working together so easy, as I knew straight away how Janne wanted me to pose or look, without her even saying a word.  We had a lot of fun shooting and finished the photoshoot in less than an hour!

Janne was very quick in editing the images too (luckily for me, as I am very impatient and I HATE waiting for images). When I received the images, I was IN LOVE with the results. I honestly loved EVERY IMAGE (if you’ve read my post about my feature with Mitch, you should already know, that I am very self-conscious and usually only like a very few photos from each shoot). Until this very day Janne is still THE photographer who took my FAVOURITE PHOTO of me (the first image below this text).

Janne and I stayed in touch and became quite good friends over the time. This summer we had the chance to work together again, when we shot an architecture influence series (which I will upload on this blog soon).

Find some of Jannes work here

Alicia Glinicki x Janne Alicia Glinicki x JanneAlicia x Janne

As I couldn’t decide if I like the black and white version or the coloured one’s better, I decided to upload both. So here is the coloured version of these photos. I must say I love the ‚glowy‘ teint that I have on the photos and all of the strong colours too, I think it gives the images a real good aesthetic and  looking on each photo you can really envision how hot it was on that day.

Alicia Glinicki x JanneAlicia glinicki x JanneAlicia x Janne

Photographer: Janne Hagge Ellhöft / Model: Alicia Glinicki / Location: Tooting Bec Athletic Running Track, London


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