Alicia x Mitch Stöhring

As most of you probably already know I work as a model since (roughly) 1,5 years now. I love modelling and met so many interesting and lovely people though this job (from photographers, to stylist, hair & make up artist, assistants, other models). I am glad to say that I can call some of them my friends. Mitch is one of them. I met Mitch in London about a year ago when she came over to live in London and work as an Au-Pair. Unfortunately she left quite quickly but we stayed in touch until today. This july I traveled to Berlin to visit my friends and we finally had the opportunity to work together again. Mitch took some AMAZING photos of me and we had a lovely day shooting together.

I am actually very critical when it comes to my look and especially to the outcomes of shoots. Mostly I really do just like a very few photos as I am so self conscious. When I received the photos from Mitch I was surprised! Not just was she very happy with the outcome of the photos, but I loved MOST of them too! Just so you can understand me better, let’s tell you this, for example, if I – get let’s say – 20 photos of a shoot back, I usually like about 3.. Which is not a lot. Luckily this time was different. See all the photos below. 










Photographer: Mitch Stöhring  Location: Berlin – Model: Alicia Glinicki


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