Yes, I am really writing about this topic TODAY too, like all the other fashion bloggers! But it’s not like you think it is.. I must say that I am not getting AT ALL all of the fuss about this collaboration. First of all I am and I was never a big H&M fan. I hate the fact that their clothes seem to be poorly produced, the quality is not even on a level with -for example- ZARA or TOPSHOP or other big brands plus the biggest fact why I also would never wear H&M is, that everyone and I mean EVERYONE, not just fashion bloggers, every person in Germany is wearing it! Which makes it so boring! I for myself like to be individual. I want to dress differently and not like everyone else. I do follow trends sometimes but even when I do, I would still try to combine them in my own personal way. Wearing H&M would make me feel like following a crowd. And not a very good dressed one. 

So now it’s the time of the year again where H&M makes this HUGE collaboration with a fashion designer (this time it’s BALMAIN) and all of the girls queue in front of H&M at 6.00 in the morning just to be able to get ONE PIECE of this collection. It’s ridiculous, over prized and not worth it! I must say since I am a huge fan of Alexander Wang, I did look at the last years collection (also because I was writing a piece for my uni about it) but even then, the clothes just looked badly produced and sewn. And yes, I can definitely tell because I studied fashion design myself and I know exactly how to finish garments properly.. Another fact which makes this collection so ridiculous to me is, that it just looks very cheap! So much glitter, sequins, everything looks like ‚future‘ and is obviously ’super cool‘ .. Can anyone of you -who bought a piece of this collection- please tell me where you’re going to wear this and especially this green sequin dress with the huge cleavage?


Even for NYE this would be mostly everywhere too overdressed (except London maybe). I personally think this collection is something that The Kardashians would wear on a red carpet. And yes they would probably wear it well for this purpose, but do I want to look like one of the Kardashian on a red carpet? NO THANKS! I am very interested in your thoughts and if you’re a fan of this collection or if you dislike it as much as I do. Please leave comments below.



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