My very first blog post

So this is it. FINALLY. After YEARS of wanting to write a blog, saying that I would do it and even probably writing it in my head I am finally writing my very first blog post! The writing itself was never the problem. The problem was the time. Or let’s better say, that there was NO time. I’ve been very busy studying (yes studying fashion design -womenswear- took all my time, life and sleep away) and after I finished my study about 4 months ago, I really needed a time out. So I traveled. And after I traveled I started a job, so there was no time again. It must sound especially ridiculous to say that I didn’t find time writing, when I am working as an EDITOR and CONTENT MANAGER (social media) which basically means that I am writing, taking photos, posting things on WORDPRESS, INSTAGRAM, FACEBOOK & TWITTER all day, but I still did not have time to write my own blog. Or maybe exactly that was the reason why. After coming home from my job (roughly 10 hours a day) the least thing I wanted to do was writing. And if I had some free time (weekends) I wrote for INDIE MAGAZINE & MATERIAL GIRL MAGAZINE (as a freelance editor), so obviously there was no time for anything else. But now that I went away over my birthday (more about my holidays later) I finally found some time to write this very first blog post.

Long story short. I do hope that you guys will enjoy reading my blog and that I will continue to write (constantly). My next post will be a little introduction about me, what my blog will be about etc

good night & love



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